Partnering with TWMBA to expand mountain biking in Taiwan
June 06, 2022

Partnering with TWMBA to expand mountain biking in Taiwan

As Trail Trust was coming to life, we knew we wanted to find a local partner in Taiwan focused on giving back to the mountain bike community. Not only is Taiwan where we manufacture nearly all of our bike products, but it's also home to more than 1,100 of our employees. We established our partnership with the Taiwan Mountain Bike Association (TWMBA) in 2021. They act as the point of contact between local organizations and government agencies to support the development of sustainable trails and expand mountain biking culture in Taiwan.

Our partnership with TWMBA has three main focus areas:

  • Trail clean up and maintenance: Hire professional riders/experienced builders to work with locals to maintain and promote trails.
  • MTB track adoption: Adopt a legal site and open it to the public and the most economical and effective way.
  • Education and cultural promotion: Promote mountain bike-related culture and education, including introducing rural children to trail maintenance.

Many of our employees are passionate about mountain biking and were excited to get to work!

Three big dig days are taking place with Fox employees in 2022. The first one was in January on the Heng mountain trail. The volunteers rebuilt sections of the legendary trail with berms and jumps, and did a fair bit of water management to improve the sustainability of the trails.

Partnering with TWMBA to expand mountain biking in Taiwan

Since October of 2021, Fox has sponsored the Don Don bike park. Our support has allowed the park to be fully open to the public, enabling more people to come and ride. It has a pump track and flow trail which are still maintained voluntarily by local riders. To be a best practice for other trails, TWMBA installed warning signs and safety guidelines, and people have to secure online appointments and sign disclaimers to ride.

TWMBA is also focused on educating the public and promoting the culture of mountain biking. Each month, they organize a seminar on topics such as MTB safety and trail science. They also recently hosted a rural education course for Szu-Chen junior high school to teach them about mountain biking.

We are proud to work with Taiwan Mountain Biking Association and look forward to expanding our impact together.

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